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Cornerman guide.

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Cornerman guide | RIDE360
Cornerman guide | RIDE360

Tried and proven as the simplest way to keep a ride flowing and not lose anyone.


You have a lead rider (in front all day) and a sweep rider (at the back all day)! They usually both wear bright vests so you know who they are.

You ride between them all day!

The lead rider will point where he wants you to stop (coming up to a corner or a hazard), pull over and point your bike or front wheel in the direction he went, the rest of the group will continue to pass you until the sweep arrives and waves you on.

If you come to a spot that you think people may get confused on, stop anyway.

On main roads with tracks running off them the lead rider may not drop cornermen, keep following the main track.

Never leave your corner, you could be there for a long time due to an injury or broken down bike. The system is a safety chain and depends on everyone!

Avoid any reason to ride backwards on the track.

Oncoming Vehicles

If you know how many riders are behind you, put your fingers up to the oncoming vehicle indicating how many are left. If you're the last rider, show a closed hand.

If in doubt when it comes to oncoming traffic, pull over and let them know you have a group following and the last rider is wearing a vest.

Generally cars and 4WD’s will wait till the group passes.

Other Tips

To help keep the group moving, count the riders going through, and be ready to ride off when the sweep rider waves you on.

If the sweep rider is following you and you see a cornerman, tap your helmet so they know to be ready to take off and save the sweep rider having to stop.

Don't stop on blind corners, give each rider an opportunity to see you and which way to go.


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