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Bike Minded #2 - Camp 4th Apr 2020

We all ride for different reasons, but we're all Bike Minded!

The 2nd 'Bike Minded' get together is at Cambewarra NSW at our place, bring your tent, swag, camp trailer or camper, we've got plenty of space.

And if you're anything like DR Dan, maybe bring your balance too!

Dan still blames the greasy grass
Dan still blames the greasy grass

Sunday morning is up to you, have a lazy start or take a ride around Kangaroo Valley and the surrounding areas. On the 1st weekend a few new mates took a scenic road ride together up to Berry for breakfast, then Darren headed south for a 300km loop in the afternoon, it's YourRide, YourWay.

If you'd like to have a look around for the day and come back to pack up in the afternoon, that's ok too.

It's a no frills affair, just a get together to meet new riders, share our passion, a reason to get away or just have a beer and talk bullshit, there may be sponsors, product specials, talks or demonstrations planned occassionaly if it adds value to the weekend and if we can organise it in time.

If you're a seasoned rider, motorcycle camper or complete beginner when it comes to camping or bike travel, these events are for you.....share your knowledge or learn something new.

'Danger Boy' Darryl gave his other Suzuki a run
'Danger Boy' Darryl gave his other Suzuki camp setup a run

Depending on the weather we'll have a couple of fire pits again, there's a porta-loo in the camping area, and we'll do a ute run into town around 4pm if you'd like us to grab some refreshments for you.

You can use the outside fridge or ice bucket to keep things cool too.

Camping is free, there's a few optional charges listed if you'd like food or if you'd like to take advantage and take one of the set-up tents.

About the tent set-ups

We took a few calls from riders wanting to attend the 1st weekend but haven't yet camped off their bikes and aren't set up with gear.

A purpose of these campouts is just that, start simply, ask questions and check out how others do it.

So to make it easier for you, we'll have limited numbers of basic 4 man tents with stretchers set up, all you need to do is bring a sleeping bag/pillow and maybe a good idea to bring a sleeping pad of some sort, ie: small self inflating mattress or at worst, a good old yoga mat to throw on the stretcher, there's nothing worse than alloy support rods in your back!

Share in your bike groups or invite a mate that might be keen to come along.

Please RSVP so we know you're coming.

Hope to see you on the weekend.

Enduristan Australia will be here with a few display bikes too, come and meet the guys, have a chat about luggage options for your ride.

A Product Information Session will commence at approx 4:30pm.

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