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Barkbusters BBZ Fabric Handguards.

BBZ Fabric Handguards - “built for BLIZZARD conditions”

Love or hate winter riding, there's nothing worse than freezing wet hands, especially on the long haul sections, but it doesn't have to be so uncomfortable.

Heated grips are a great addition, but they don't stop the wind chill and finding the 'perfect' glove that provides warmth and all round weather protection can often end up with gloves that are bulky or restrictive.

You can see in the pics below, my left hand is smaller, it's degenerative from an injury around 15yrs ago, the doctors were talking amputation around 7 or 8 yrs ago now, and not having any nerves or ligament left, by the time I feel the cold in that hand, It's pretty bloody painful. Plus an additional injury adding steel plates and screws to hold my humerus in place makes my left arm a bit delicate these days, so once the chill sets in, my hand locks up and claws.

But, I love riding all year round, so I needed an easy and affordable solution.

I've tried various liners, most are ok, but after last years ride in -5.4 deg in the Victorian Alpine region, I melted my 'winter gloves' while my hands were wrapped around the header pipe trying to thaw out the chunks of ice that were once my fingers.

So the answer for me is simple, heated grips, comfortable gloves and a set of Barkbusters BBZ fabric guards.

Barkbusters are continuing their support through 2019, and we'll be adding some prizes over the coming weeks, and that'll include a pair of Barkbusters BBZ Fabric Handguards, just in time for you to set your bike up before winter.

Subscribe to NAVIG8 for your chance to win these and other great prizes.


The Barbusters BBZ Guard features

  • Stylish fabric handguard design, lined with a waterproof membrane.

  • Can be fitted to almost any handlebar set up.

  • Flexes around fairing/windscreen at full steering lock.

  • Ideal for faired Sports and Touring motorcycles.

  • Anti-flap design is self-supporting under wind pressure.

  • Leaves controls free of interference.

  • Maximum cold weather protection.

  • Can be fitted independently or over Barkbusters backbones.

All mounting hardware included to fit:

  • To handlebar weight.

  • To hollow handlebar, and

  • Over existing Barkbusters backbones.

For a list of Australian and International stockists, head over to

See you out there


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