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Back on track with XploreMoto, a Covid safe return to events for Ride360

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

After a stack of work, our restructure and submissions to move forward in a Covid safe manner has been accepted by the powers that be.

In consultation with NSW Government departments, we're excited to let you all know, our new XploreMoto platform exceeded expectations and although we must do some things differently, we are approved to run with full capacity entrants for our events, and in some cases we can actually increase them!


Although we can run at full capacity, that obviously comes with restrictions out of our control, ie: accommodation and gatherings for dinner will be determined by the changing Public Health Orders applied to those businesses.

What this means (for the first stage) is that we have options to run 4 different styles of events for both one day or multi day rides. With the changes that govern varied aspects changing often, we won't detail all the options available here, we'd end up being behind the desk 24hrs a day.

We'll get to work making those changes a reality, of course the events will have a different atmosphere to start, but we're looking at continuing to build on a strong and sustainable future.

  • The NSW Trailblazer is up and running, ahead of schedule.

  • Kilometre Kruncher, Ironman and Motocache uploads are active.

  • The Barkbsters BLITZ series is being worked on, with the first ride expected to kick off in June.

  • The AT4Day remains unknown at this stage, it's too early to know what interstate travel will bring, being that it was our premium ride for the year, it may well be rescheduled to 2021.

  • BikeMinded Camps are still on hold.

As events open up and ticket sales are live, they'll appear on our events page under the Current Events header

Other areas of interest.

  • NAVIG8 Basic subscriptions, for Kruncher, Ironman and Motocaches were all extended by 12 months, we'll keep that in place for all active and new subscriptions before the end of May.

  • Our new 'XploreMoto' backend will simplify user uploads, one upload page will allow a selection of categories rather than navigating to different areas.

  • You can now visit us by using both or

  • Some branding changes will start to be seen with XploreMoto - YourRide YourWay and Endless Adventure being used regularly.

  • We'll continue to change with the environment around us and the unknown obstacles ahead.

As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch

See you out there

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