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A big 'Thankyou'

Hopefully the last couple of years are well and truly behind us, it's a great feeling moving forward with growing confidence in the tourism industry.

Our customers continue to remind us that there is so much to be thankful for, the support of our business during the last two years has blown us away.

So many of you had paid for events that were put on hold when the fires hit, then we had covid, floods, covid again, then more wet weather which brought about significant road slips, forest and park closures, the industry at every level was stretched and seemingly locked in a box scratching for a way out.

We stretched ourselves pretty thin too, determined to do whatever it took to get as many rides off the ground that we could, and we did a pretty good job of it too (in our opinion of course).

The RoutePatrol cracked out a remarkable 40,000kms in just a few months, reshaping routes and clearing trails, it was beaten up after being caught in the Northern Hail storms while running new trails for the AT 4day, then just when we thought there was a clear path ahead, the engine let go during a Route rerun for SCAR.

Organising and sourcing the parts for mechanical repairs and body work during the last few months hasn't been the easiest, we all know the delays that covid created has been nothing short of a bad joke really....but at least toilet paper and tissues are easy to come by now :)

And here we are, July 2022, cracking on and looking forward to the remainder of the year and into 2023, and we owe you, our customers, plenty of thanks.

You allowed us to alter, cancel, reshape and reschedule as needed without fuss, some of you lost out on annual leave when a ride couldn't get off the ground, or were unable to make a rescheduled event.

Our new admin system was a blessing, although a little slower at times, it kept everything running pretty smoothly.

Yesterday, we wrapped up another financial year, and this is where we owe you a big thankyou. Emails went out with account balances, credits held and the last reschedules updated with riders transfers all being completed, we had an overwhelming response with emails and text messages asking us to invoice extras because of increasing accom and fuel costs since the original booking date, that isn't supposed to happen!

We can't let that go without saying THANKYOU!

We also want you to know, that if you have a booking for either Wisemans or SCAR still in place, there will be no additional charges. Your spot is locked at the original ticket price you paid, we've been assured by the accom providers they are doing the same for us.


There is a change coming to our business though, and it's driven by some lessons over the last couple of years.

Our online store, XploreMoto, will be substantially discounting and clearing much of our current stock holdings.

The reasons are simple, rather than investing in holding product that is available anywhere, we'll be investing our time and resources into two areas, most importantly, our events and route planning.

For the foreseeable future, product lines will be limited to some of our own branded items, and more in line with what we do.

It just makes more sense to streamline our services and focus on what we do best; events and tours with great customer experiences.

From Sunday 3rd Jul, head to, use XMD in the coupon code area at checkout and enjoy some serious savings.

So, once again 'THANKYOU' and we can't wait to welcome you on a ride soon.

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