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Absolutely Amazing.....we're coming up towards 70, WOW, 70 Organised Adventure Rides and Tours.

We've gone through Drought, Bush Fires, Floods. Covid...oh yeah, more floods, broken bikes and broken promises, and at times we wondered, what the hell are we doing, we didn't sign up for this!

Out of the 70, we had 4 major reschedules due to floods and only 1 that fell short on numbers.

Covid was a different animal altogether, a seemingly endless cycle of reschedules, we managed to complete 6 in that time though, lots of hard work and sleepless nights that's for sure.

Only 2 rescheduled tours remain to be completed in the season ahead.


BUT, every small business is met with obstacles, ours were met equally by a group of passionate family, friends, crew, and other businesses believing in what we do.

What is it that we actually set out to do?

That's simple.....provide great introductory style GPS Navigation rides that were designed for riders on BigBikes.

Primarily, we wanted riders to learn how to load their own navigation devices, use their maps and apps themselves, then experience the fun and freedom of riding great routes, combined with a healthy dose of Throttle Therapy.

There's no point having all the gear and no idea, buying the best tech, bolting it on and heading off on that ride of a lifetime, only to realise you don't even know the difference between a track and a route, letalone why google maps took you on a 500km detour.

We wont always carry your luggage, spare parts or spare tyres, (some tours we do) because again, we'd rather see you improve your knowledge and packing skills, you don't need a tool chest, a kitchen sink and tyre shop strapped to your bike (ride light, ride safe, ride far)

Underpinning much of why we ride, is a cause very close to our hearts, Mental Health.

Even our name, combines 2 things, our logo is of course, a navigation symbol, but where did the 360 in the name come from, isn't it just a reference to navigation? Well, sort of.

If you read the story (linked below) it would make more sense, one day a few years ago, DC simply said, life has gone full circle and it all comes back to this. Riding!

Oddly enough, DC still hears people say, don't share that stuff, it's depressing. To us, it's anything but.


With the support of 2 great Australian companies, Barkbusters Handguards and B&B Off Road Engineering, our BLITZ Rides delivered on everything we had in the mix of plans.

Many of our customers started out with limited understanding of navigation, some with only a few hours riding experience, and amongst the mix, we had very seasoned riders, combined they, and us, have met lot's of new mates, ride often and plan amazing trips away together on their bikes. We love seeing that.

Absolutely incredible, we have so many return customers, with many racking up 15+ rides with us, we have a couple that have now done 30, now that really blows our minds.

The backbone is you, our customers, THANKYOU, we can't say that enough.

Now let's just get out and ride!

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