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4 Days or 2?

After some great customer feedback, once again we're adding a change/improvement.

One rec'd today was a great way to kick off Monday...."Your Route files are like works of art"

The other has been thrown around after several requests, and it makes a lot of sense......

Some of our customers just can't always get time off work, or enough days off to travel to the starting point, then make it back on time for work or other commitments from a 4 Day event.

Others would just like to see areas they haven't done before.

So, starting with our 4 Day GSR Rides, they will have the option to register for the 4 Days, or any consecutive 2 Days. ie: 1&2, 2&3, 3&4.

This has already been added to the upcoming GSR1, so if you were on the fence or unable to make the 4days, you can now lock in a weekender, or any 2 Days that suit your schedule.

You can jump on GSR1 until 4pm this Wed.

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