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2020 Kilometre Kruncher and Ironman results

Congratulations to our riders that took part in the 2020 Kilometre Kruncher and Ironman rides.

Kruncher (only rides over 300kms listed)

1st: Damo racked up 11,409kms

2nd: Dave wasn't far behind with 11,120kms

3rd: Ash recorded 6,820kms

Ironman (Biggest 1 day ride)

3 riders hit the 1,000 mark this year, with well known IBA Rider, Craig setting an unbelievable 1,698km ride on a WR250R

Dave came in 2nd place with 1,425kms and Pete in 3rd with a neat 1,000kms.

Certificates and awards will be on the way soon.


Hold on to your uploads for now, the 2021 page will open on the 14th Jan.

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